Funds raised by the Seconds Count Gala Ball will be used by the Menzies Institute to fund the Andree Greenwood Secondary Breast Cancer Research Program, a specific research project designed to help find new treatment targets for metastatic cancers including breast cancer.

The Menzies Institute for Medical Research was established in 1988 by the University of Tasmania with support from the Menzies Foundation and the Tasmanian Government. The Menzies Institute was primarily established to address health issues facing the Tasmanian community. 

Funds raised from the last three events have already been put to good use. From Associate Professor Jo Dickinson, Menzies Institute for Medical Research:

"So far we have put the funds towards purchasing breast cancer cell lines and associated laboratory consumables to set up experiments to look at the molecules that we know are important in the spread of cancer cells.  My research assistant is currently progressing the laboratory work.

As a result of the receiving such a sizeable donation we have also been able to offer a young bright Tasmanian the opportunity to undertake post-graduate study working on this project. Being able to offer a new project with the laboratory costs already funded is very rare in research so very much appreciated. 

Additionally, another student who wishes to be part of our research project in breast cancer, has accepted an offer to work with us in 2016.  She is a medical student and will be paid a small bursary to work in her spare time on our breast cancer research program. "


For more information about the Menzies Institute, please visit their website.